Let’s face it: With rising daily productivity quotas, labor turnover and limited resources, you’re forced to do more with less.

Did you know:

  • Corrugated input costs are 90% higher this year and are still rising?
  • Packers use 10% more material per box than is actually required to protect the item inside?
  • A majority of boxes are 30% bigger than they need to be to fit items inside?

With the rise in cost of corrugated packaging coupled with dimensional weight changes, it’s become more important than ever to streamline your packaging operations and reduce inefficiencies.

Shipping bags reduce material costs

To meet daily numbers and eliminate downtime, you keep an overstock of different sized corrugated boxes, void fill and tape on hand to eliminate the risk of running out of shipping supplies. But keeping those supplies needed to pack boxes in inventory is wasting warehouse space and material handling costs.

Shipping bags consolidate items into a single, efficient padded envelope or mailer that minimize material waste and freight costs. Shipping bags store flat and do not need extra void fill and cushioning which reduce the amount of valuable space taken up in your warehouse.

Shipping bags reduce freight costs

With dimensional weight and shipping rate changes, using a regular corrugated box for your order will cost a premium. Do you have a plan to combat the rising cost of shipping your products to customers?

Shipping bags can reduce your billable weight by up to 33%. Eliminating the outer carton removes excess dimensional weight which lowers your costs and helps your bottom line. 

Shipping bags streamline packaging operations 

Material costs and freight charges aren’t the only ways that corrugated boxes cost your operation. It takes the average packer 60 seconds to assemble, pack, fill and close a box. These additional steps mean more time spent per order and increase the chances of error and inconsistency in the process.

Packing with cushioned mailers is 3x faster than boxes. Load, peel and seal is the simple 3 step process that enables packers to deliver up to 6 packs per minute! This allows 3 orders to be packed in the time it would take to pack 1 corrugated carton.

Ready to save money and improve your operations?

Check out our complete line of cushioned, non-cushioned and rigid protective mailers including:

  • Jiffy® TuffGard® and TuffGard Extreme® -  Cushioned shipping bags combine the cushioning protection of our Bubble Wrap® brand with a tough, multi-layer film for maximum product protection
  • Jiffylite® - Air cellular cushioned mailers with outstanding protection for a wide range of semi-fragile, low profile items
  • Jiffy®  - Rugged, all-purpose, paper fiber cushioned mailers
  • Jiffy® ShurTuff® - Polyolefin mailers ensure that contents arrive in perfect condition by utilizing a unique coextruded manufacturing process to produce tougher, lighter mailers
  • Jiffy® Utility - Economical, all-purpose kraft mailers for shipping non-fragile items
  • Jiffy Rigi Bag® - Manufactured with an extra-rigid, kraft-laminated fiberboard construction that effectively resists bending while providing superior edge and corner protection
  • Custom Mailers - Whether you print a logo, a trademark or a promotional messag, our printing capability can customize your mailers for added value.