分批处理、传送以及改装方式的多样性让 NewAir I.B.® 快捷包装系统完美适用于几乎所有包装环境。

Blocking and bracing paper packaging

Sealed Air's line of paper systems provides cushioning or void fill solutions. It is responsibly sourced from 100 percent recycled paper packaging material and is curbside recyclable.

Korrvu® corrugated packaging safely holds your product in the center of the shipping container and keeps your product securely in place, protecting it from shock and vibration.

Protective foam packaging systems for fragile and/or high value products that can be designed with many of our high performance cushioning materials and systems.

Bubble Wrap brand packaging from Sealed Air

Bubble Wrap® 品牌保护包装采用可以保留空气的“隔离层”,比其他品牌提供更优质、更持久的保护。