How to Recycle, Repurpose or Dispose of Sealed Air Packaging Products

Since the invention of BUBBLE WRAP® brand protective cushioning in 1960, Sealed Air has continued to lead the way in sustainable packaging. We’re proud of our committed to sustainability, underlining the important role businesses have in affecting change and enhancing our own operations along the way. You’re here because you care too. We appreciate your commitment to sustainable practices by properly disposing of your Sealed Air packaging products.

  • How do I recycle SEALED AIR® brand polyethylene foam?

    Our polyethylene foams are classified as #4 low-density PE (LDPE) material and can be recycled only in LDPE recycling systems. Check your local recycling program for specific regulations. PE foams can also be returned to one of our Sealed Air product return locations so long as the material is free of tape, labels or any foreign materials. In countries like Germany, where laws mandate collection and recycling of used packaging, SEALED AIR brand PE foam fits within the established infrastructure. 


    Learn about SEALED AIR brand EcoPure foam, sustainable packaging made from plant-based resin.

  • How do I recycle SEALED AIR® brand Korrvu® packaging?

    Korrvu packaging is manufactured primarily from corrugated fiberboard and can be easily recycled (with the plastic film attached) along with corrugated boxes through your local curbside recycling program. The plastic film used in Korrvu will be separated from the corrugated when processed at the recycling facility. The film itself will be discarded; the corrugated will be recycled.  


    Korrvu packaging is RESY approved for recycling in Germany and complies with all national and international requirements for disposal and recycling of packaging materials. 

  • How do I recycle SEALED AIR® brand paper packaging?

    Most paper packaging can be recycled with corrugated containers or as mixed paper. Products that include a polyethylene film backing should have the plastic removed before recycling. Check your local recycling program for specific regulations. SEALED AIR brand paper products are made of 100 percent recycled content, which is responsibly sourced and carries the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certification. Additionally, the fiber is 100 percent renewable and all production scrap is reclaimed. 


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