Waste is expensive.

It can threaten the profitability of your company — and it can be challenging to spot. Consider the minutes lost through inefficient labor setups and processes, missing production  during equipment downtime, or less than optimal packaging practices resulting in damage and spoilage. 

There are steps you can take today to find and target waste in your operation. Let us help you find it. Take a look at some of the solutions we featured at Pack Expo 2019.

Sealed Air Brand protective packaging

Meeting increased consumer expectations in the constantly evolving e-commerce environment is a challenge for even the largest brands and retailers. In a typical fulfillment center, pickers walk up to 15 miles per day. Plugging those leaks in time and efficiency can add up to big savings — quickly. Learn more about these SEALED AIR brand protective packaging solutions we featured at Pack Expo 2019:

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Cryovac Brand Food Packaging

According to a study of U.S. retailers conducted by Progessive Grocer and Sealed Air, an astounding 72.5% of meat and seafood loss is due to food spoilage and another 12.7% is due to packaging damage. Using the right food packaging can minimize losses at the processing, retail, and consumer level. Learn more about these CRYOVAC brand food packaging solutions we featured at Pack Expo 2019:

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Learn More About the Solutions We Featured at Pack Expo 2019