For processors and retailers alike, a $1 investment in food waste reduction can generate a $14 return.

Each year, consumers throw out an estimated 12.7 billion pounds of meat, poultry and fish valued at $39.7 billion.

Global awareness of food waste and its negative impact on the environment continues to grow and so has the importance of the role that packaging plays in preventing it. 1.3 billion tons of food is lost or wasted every year, costing around $680 billion in industrialized countries and $310 billion in developing countries. Throughout the food supply chain, food waste reduction isn’t just a moral responsibility, it also has major business benefits. Now, more than ever, you need innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that helps minimize food waste while improving the supply of food.

What if there was a solution that allowed you decrease food waste while differentiating yourself on shelf?

Today, food packaging continues to evolve, transitioning from a container meant to simply hold food to something that can play a more active role in food quality and safety, as well as sustainability. Sealed Air’s Cryovac® Darfresh® vacuum skin packaging does just that. It provides a multitude of benefits including aiding in the reduction of food waste by extending the case life of your product. This innovative film creates packaging that completely surrounds the product, preserving its color, flavor and integrity.

Its highly formable characteristics act as a second skin, creating a high-quality, premium look that offers today’s consumer the product visibility they desire to verify the freshness themselves, while enhancing point-of-sale appeal at the retail case.

Offering sustainable solutions is good business.

Sealed Air’s Darfresh family of vacuum skin packaging is engineered to meet the needs of various foods and industry segments: products like fresh red meat, poultry, seafood, cheese and smoked and processed meats. These vacuum skin solutions offer a range of films with a variety of gauges and permeability to address the specific needs of each food sector. Consider Darfresh 10K OTR, an FDA-approved film for fish and seafood or Darfresh on Board, a new more sustainable packaging solution with a cardboard bottom carrier that allows for 360° customizable 2-sided branding.

Darfresh offers an extensive range of customized product merchandising options by combining these innovative, formable films with an assortment of Cryovac bottom carriers that include rigid and semi-rigid trays, flexible bottom webs as well as different substrates including cardboard. Finished case ready packaging solutions include: Darfresh On Tray, Darfresh on Board, Darfresh 10K OTR, Darfresh Tray/Skin and a Darfresh with flexible or semi-rigid carrier.

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