Sustainability Report


Sustainability Report

Since our company’s founding, Sealed Air has provided solutions for our customers and solutions for the world.

From the start, Bubble Wrap was truly revolutionary both as a product and as a value proposition. It could reduce total packaging cost by using less material, reduce packaging size and weight, and reduce loss from damage.

In other words, it promoted sustainability long before it was fashionable.  

See our progress and our goals for the future in our annual sustainability report.

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Jerome Peribere Fortune Brainstorm E

Fortune Brainstorm E

We’re upholding our commitment to saving resources in our own operations and for our customers. 

Our CEO, Jerome Peribere, outlined our strategy to use our knowledge and new technologies to prevent waste and combat some of the world's greatest resource challenges such as climate change, food security and hygiene in increasingly developing urban populations at this year’s Fortune Brainstorm E conference.

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 2020 Sustainability Goals

2020 Sustainability Goals

The world is a better place because we’re here, and we’re going to prove it to you.

Our 2020 Sustainability Goals are specific and measurable targets around our mission and vision. These goals differentiate us because the work we do solves problems for our customers.

Our packaging reduces damage in transit, our food packaging makes products last longer, and our hygiene innovations prevent the spread of disease.

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