We create a world that works better by eliminating waste throughout the global supply chain including wasted material, energy, space, time, labor, and money. Products protected by Sealed Air packaging solutions ship faster and arrive safer because they’re backed by decades of powerful data science and unmatched engineering expertise.


We ensure that the products and materials that make the world work are protected throughout their distribution journey. Damage reduction means less wasted time, resources, and materials and ensures that customers have the right experience with a brand on the first try. Learn more >>


We design packages that optimize material usage, create minimal waste, and maximize protection for the items inside. Right-sized packages lead to lower freight costs and greater efficiencies, resulting in a more sustainable global supply chain.


We create systems and solutions that don't just work faster, they work smarter. Driven by data-intelligence and optimized to reduce time, effort, and waste, our solutions can increase throughput and decrease total costs without compromising on sustainability. Learn more >>


We believe that customer experience doesn't end with successful delivery. Attractive, protective, intuitive packages that open easily and can be reused or disposed of effortlessly have a lasting impact on customer loyalty and brand reputation - not just our brand, but our customers' brands as well. Learn more >>

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