Product Care Solutions


Fill-Air®, New Air I.B.®, and Bubble Wrap® IB Inflatable Packaging systems are a cost-effective solution for on-site, on-demand...

Mailers & Shipping Bags
Mailers & Shipping Bags

Sealed Air offers a wide range of mailers in various sizes and designs that offer superior protection for both general use and lightweight products.

Foam Packaging systems
Foam Packaging systems

Protective cushioning systems for fragile and/or high value products that can be designed with many of our high performance cushioning materials and systems.

Suspension packaging, retention packaging, corrugated

Korrvu® packaging safely holds your product in the center of the shipping container and keeps your product securely in place, protecting it from shock and vibration.

Automated packaging system
Automated packaging system

A variety of automated packaging systems designed to dramatically shorten the packaging process, while maximizing labor efficiency.

Paper products to keep your customers satisfied
Paper products to keep your products safe

At Sealed Air, our paper packaging is fast, versatile, dependable and environmentally responsible.

A complete solutions provider of high-performance shrink films and quality shrink equipment.

100% renewable & compostable protective packaging -- powered by mushrooms.

Kevothermal vacuum insulation panels offer a step change improvement in thermal performance leading to lower energy costs, reduction in product cube, higher quality and entirely new product forms...

From the original Bubble Wrap® brand, to Cell-Aire® Polyethylene Foam, these high-performance solutions deliver protection to a wide variety of products.